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domingo, 5 de julho de 2009

Causes of Violence in Brazilian world.

Traduzido de Português para Inglês.

End of the twentieth century and beginning of the XXI century, the Brazilian entered the most violent history of the world. Currently, the country recorded the highest rates of urban violence (the bandits rule the streets and avenues, has more power than the state, kidnaps and kills robbery, extermination, etc. .. throughout the world the main causes of violence are: the failure - - the arrogance - - crisis of rabies caused by failures and frustrations - - mental crisis (resulting from abnormal pathological madness that, in general, cases are rare. The human being to commit a crime there must be a fair reason for that action. Some of the phenomena causing the violence is unemployment, which affects most the poor. This phenomenon leads to hunger, poverty, prostitution, etc.. The lack of emotional citizen reaches the folly of committing a crime. In Pernambuco by "example" is most violent state in Brazil, the government established the "Pact for Life Project." This project to date has only theory in practice has not any effect for Pernambuco, which occurs a day more than 10 murders. For the government work better the policy of public safety we must pay more the police, civil and military, to work better for the safety of society. Lack of government investment in public schools, built new rooms for classes to vocational courses. The couple will have more employment in the company participating of courses to the labor market. If the government does not invest in the social area, difficult to reduce violence. FYI: Manoel José de Santana (Manoel Limoeiro) e-mail:

Contact: 81-87405965

Recife-PE., 05 July 2009, Sunday.
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