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segunda-feira, 3 de agosto de 2009

Families need housing in the Wheel of Fire balled-west area of Recife.

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The situation of the residents of the old house in the community of Wheel of Fire in cubes, area west of Recife. It is not good. The precarious living conditions of those families who survive without basic sanitation facilities and lack of sanitation. Are approximately 200 families who live in this inhuman situation. In periods of political campaigning are many promising the residents to take an area constructed and transferred to popular places. These stories are a reporter for two years. The blog records through pictures, the conditions in which they live. FYI: MANOEL JOSÉ DE SANTANA (Manoel Limoeiro)
Contact: 81-87405965.

Recife-PE., 03 of Agota 2009, Monday.
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