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domingo, 11 de janeiro de 2009



Text of:
(Arnaldo Jabor)

Always think dating, marriage, romance, is beginning, middle and end.
Like everything in life. I hate when I hear that conversation:
Ah, finished dating ...
We were together for so long .....
Five years ... too bad ... just ....
- ... Is not satisfied ...

Of course it has! It worked for five years, but it is over.
And the good life, is that you can have multiple loves.
I do not believe in people who are complementary. I believe in people who
Sometimes you can not not give one hundred percent of you for you
charge as one hundred percent of the other?
And we have this thing complete.
Sometimes it is true, but it is slowly in bed.
Sometimes he is loving, but it is not true.
Sometimes he is attentive, but not workers.
Sometimes it is very beautiful, but is not sensitive.
All together, we will not find.
Note that the most important thing for you and invest in it.
Skin is a treacherous man.

When you have someone with skin, may be the dad with mom more
that basic
is a delight.

And sometimes you have that acrobat sex, but not you
impresses ...
I think the kiss is important ... and the kiss ... beats to play ...

if not ... more hits a martini, please ... and go for a ride.
If he or she does not want you more, not force the bar.
The other has the right not to want you.
Do not fight, do not call, do not give pití.
If the person with tá doubts, her problem, it is for you wait .... or

There is lack of people who need to want to attend.

The human being is not absolute. He titubeia, doubts and fears, but
if the
person REALLY like it back.
None of drama.
What grace has someone on their side under pressure?
The law is someone who is with you, just you. And vice versa.
Do not get someone by penalty. Or fear of loneliness.
Born alone. Die alone. Our thinking is our problem, not
And when you wake, the first impression is always yours, your gaze,
Some people jump from one novel to another.
What is this fear of being alone, in their own company?
Love hurts.
Often you will feel anger, jealousy, hatred, frustration .....
Part. You live with another being, another world, another
And things are not always how you want it ....
The worst thing is that people are afraid to engage.
If someone comes to this chat, run, then you are not therapist.
If you do not want to get involved, a date tree. It is more predictable.
In life and love, we have no guarantees.
Not every person who calls you out is to marry.
Not every kiss is for romance.
And not all sex is good to discard ... Or fall in love ... Or if
blame ...
Anyway ... who said that being an adult is easy ?????

Posted by José Manoel de Santana (Manoel Limoeiro)
Friday, January 9, 2009
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