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sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

The case of the girl Isabella Nardoni of 5 years.

The girl Isabella Nardoni, fell from the sixth floor of the building shook a country. Who practiced this act against the life of an angel, is one that deserves covarde leaves of movement of live with the society. I am a father and barbaric crime that shocked me also revoltadou other parents. Imagine how many parents, were not shocked by this fact absurd occurred in Sao Paulo, a state with 40 million inhabitants. I hope that the State prosecutor, found that crime and the criminal puna this cruel crime. I call that Brazil is manifest against this terror of violence, which is challenging our hearts. Sincerely: José Manoel de Santana (Manoel Limoeiro) E-mail:
This text has been translated into English, to spread the word in the United States of America.
Recife-PE. Brazil, 04 April 2008, Friday.
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