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terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2008

The Revolution of 1964

"The Revolution of 1964 was a military civic movement occurred in Brazil started in the early hours of 31 March to 1 April of 1964 that dispõs the President, Joao Goulart, and installed a military regime in Brazil which lasted until March 1985.
The revolution of 1964, or coup of 64 was named by their directors with the call of Redentora Revolution, also called Revolution April, winning Revolution, the Revolution on March 31 and against democratic revolution, was perhaps the most recent occasion in the history of Brazil where the company called the armed forces to intervene in the political life of Brazil. "Text of the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.
"As the dates, the country spent 31 years in the Military Regime. During that time how many, politicians were not cassados, tortured and murdered. Apensar this symbolic date, today leaves the memory of the brand, which rises to domestic violence.
In this period of the dictatorship our votes for President, governor and mayor, the electoral process was indirect vote by the Legislative powers of the houses. Currently our vote is right, more so the country governed by the current regime does not conform to the principles of the democracy. Getting in recent years, I have never known so many corruption that even I, imagining many diversions of public funds, which are lack of health and education in Brazil, and the final accounts of those responsible for these crimes remain unpunished. " Text of lemon Manoel de Recife-PE.
"At the moment in which the revolution of 1964 celebrates its 40 years, from March 31, 1964, the date of his outcome, we will review your reality, with impartiality and seriousness, without hatred or passion, will light of history." Prof. Aristides Braga.
Finally, our country, the politicians who are in the "power" the majority do not value the Brazilian people, which is who elect to public office. Sincerely: José Manoel de Santana (Manoel Limoeiro) from Recife, PE. E-mail and MSN:

Recife, PE, March 31, 2008, Monday, the anniversary of extinction Ditadura Military 1964.
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